I Want To Exist (Deluxe Edition)

by The Ambient Light

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released October 27, 2015

Recorded at home a.k.a. "Casa de TAL" between 2013-2015
Produced & Mixed by Sven
Mastered by Ellano
all music written and recorded by The Ambient Light
TAL is: Sven, Chris, Steve, Mich & Dan da man.
Additional Credits:
Tracks 3, 6 & 7 co-written with Irvin Venadero
additional keys on track 12 by Danbro
Cover art by Sven



all rights reserved


The Ambient Light Los Angeles, California

Dreamy psych rock for your waking life

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Track Name: Euneirophrenia
(n.) The peace of mind that comes from having pleasant dreams.
Track Name: Golem
I want to be outside the realm of reality

I want to sunbathe on the moon
from deep December till June
and ponder where the time went
was it time well spent?
was it time well spent from you?

and everything you always knew
is suddenly becoming new
Track Name: In My Lucid Dreams
I just don't know why I'm always searching
for you here...

I found the line drawn in between
landscapes divided you from me
all in these lucid dreams

I just don't know why I'm always searching
are you here in my lucid dreams?

I know I've gotta, I've gotta get up
but I don't wanna, wanna wake up

In my lucid dreams
I know I should be sleeping
been too busy living
in my lucid dreams
Track Name: Moon in Your Eyes
Another lonely night
traveling towards the light
have I lost myself?
would anyone care to help?
cause I can feel my soul moving on...

How could I have known,
the sun would fall?
How could I have known,
that my last sight would be the moon in your eyes?

How could I have known?
Track Name: Existential Hymn
I'd really love to lose my mind
but lately haven't had the time
and maybe if the people tried
they'd see a difference in their lives

Here's a song for the world
and you don't even have to try
to keep this on your mind
listen from within
sing out loud, sing to yourself
sing an existential hymn all the time.

you just need to listen
to the sound
Track Name: Nektar
Watched you from outside
days and raindrops pass me by
don't wanna talk to those other people
who need something just to feed their ego
so why would I even care to try?

I want to exist
I want to exist
in someone else's mind

walking around this town
so many strangers catch my eye
but would they even know I'm out here?
keep on waving as they walk on by...

I want to exist
I want to exist

I want to exist
I have to exist
do you want to exist?
I do
Track Name: Yesterdaze
Just for a moment you lie
like the child inside I know

Yesterday I saw her face
now I know she's not the same
Yesterday she seemed okay
but her mind was not the same

when your around, I choke
when your around I...
Yesterday, I broke
Yesterday, I...
Track Name: Back to Life
I can go outside
but I don't even need to
I can go anywhere in my mind
close my eyes
when I'm dying to see you
sit back and dream of good times
when you were alive

I want you to come back to life

There's nothing like
being by your side

I want you to come back to life
I just want to get back to you
Track Name: Gaia
Teach me how to die and I will
beneath this autumn sky, we lie still
there's just something in the air that I feel
and if no one seems to care, then I will
just say something real

Incognito is the key
for universal harmony
invisible to space and time
out of sight and out of mind

you will know soon
you will know truth
you'll be there soon
you'll see me too

and these thoughts in my head
they stay still when I'm dead
out of sight
out of mind
Track Name: Memory Drip
Close your eyes
say goodnight
for in sleep
we reunite
in a dream
pass the time
hereafter tonight

I swear I hear you when the wind blows...
Track Name: 5am sky
Thinking about the strange lights
wondering what's out there
weakend by their height
dissapate to nowhere

will you open up your heart and mind?
breathe the air of this 5am sky

thought you were at the center of a grand scheme
I know we must mean something
I hope we mean something

how high will you go?
how high?
don't go
don't leave me alone